PAT Testing

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Why PAT with me?
I’m City & Guilds 2377  & City & Guilds 2392 qualified and I only use up to date calibrated equipment. I have spent 24 years working as an electronics repair engineer and PAT tested all the items that I repaired.
I cover all of Cornwall and some parts of Devon but I can go further if required(please ask for costs on this)
The first 20 items = £30,  £1 more per item up to 100 items. 90p for 101-200 items, 85p for 201-300 items, 75p for 301-400 items, 401+ items 65p
Correct fuse replacement Free
Plug replacement £3

For more info on items that are fixed or unsure about something please ask here

What’s included?
  • Certificate of testing
  • Professional testing of your appliances
  • Fuse replacement when necessary
  • Detailed downloadable inventory of all tested items provided after testing
  • Free re-testing of items repaired whilst I’m on site.
Appointments Convenient for You
I understand that all businesses are busy and time is precious. Interrupting your business day for appliance testing just may not be possible. To overcome this, I have a range of appointments including weekends, evenings, bank holidays, or even overnight if required. Contact me for more information.
Minor Repairs Undertaken
Minor repairs such as replacing plugs or incorrectly rated fuses can be performed whilst I’m on-site, reducing down time due to faulty appliances. Any items repaired whilst I’m on-site are retested free of charge.
Retest Schedule
 Working in accordance with the latest guidelines, I will not tell you when you must re-test your items, instead I will issue you guidance on retesting intervals for you to use in your own risk assessments.
Each item will be given a suggested re-test interval based on information you give me and risks I observes from the type of equipment and how it is used. For example, a Class II lamp which is used in a hotel bedroom and rarely moved will need testing infrequently, whereas an extension cable used on a construction site will require far more frequent testing.
Rather than recommending every time is retested annually, this risk based approach, as recommended by the HSE and IET will mean you are only testing when necessary, saving you time and cost on un-necessarily frequent retests.
Finish Testing
Upon returning to the office I will download all the test results and produce a comprehensive report detailing asset description, the tests each item was put through, test readings, status pass/fail and test date. This report is then sent to you and I will keep a copy in case of loss or required if there are inquiries.

For more information on PAT testing:

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